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Tabboomas Reunion Oct. 2009


Short Overview: We met at the Radisson Inn near the main gate of Disney World. Dick and George had drinks, & O'ur dours (sp.), in our own private, quiet community room. We had a moment of silence for 4 members that would never make another reunion.    George Cox and Dick Gottlieb had planned it all and had purchased pop, coffee, spirits and snacks and more snacks.  The party ended by 11:00 PM but Gottlieb, Gwillim and Edwards stayed up the latest, 11:45. (pitiful)

The next morning, we met for breakfast, then George had chartered a bus to Kennedy Space Center for a tour of the launch sites for the Lunar missions and the Space Shuttle.   Awesome trip!   That night we went to BB Kings, a jazz and dancing establishment near our hotel.    

Sunday morning it were many good-byes in the breakfast nook.  I flew home but, about half of you went to Fantasy of Flight presentation.  How did it go?

2 other 70-02 Pilot Training web sites: St. Louis 2004 or San Antonio 1999
The End!
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