Art & Jim's Trip to Phoenix

January 13, 2004 - Page 1 of 3 ------ Specs for My plane

Art, standing in front of our workhorse, 45-MIKE. We were airborn for about 1 hour when I realized Art's skill. He flew the airplane by hand about 75% of the time. We both learned the capabilities of the new GNS-530 gps by Garmin. He would fly it to about 200 feet off of the ground and I would finish. Because he was so good at maintaining course and altitude, I was able to do alot of extra research and planning to keep us safe.


Art, Alex and Terry in their backyard I found Art reading and soaking up the sun. This is the day it was 15 degrees in Ohio


Hummingbird at Terry's feeder Art - heavy in contemplation. He got a little reading in.


Alex, Terry and Jimba Jim and Art - Crew of 45-Mike


Jim & Art Hummer up close - they came up to Art's face when he was still


Terry, Jim and Alex Same three


On the way to Sedona, Az.  




  The city in the foreground is Sedona. It lays at the foot of the red rock buttes

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