Hurricane Francis & Ivan
Sept. 2004

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Oct 11th, "Scott and I have spoken to two groups, and one newspaper so far about our experience in Florida.  It's just impossible to find words which adaquately express the magnitude of the destruction, the many miles and people who were affected. Its also impossible to express how the dedication, creativity and hard work of so many volunteers was appreciated." Margaret and Scott


Barb at dinner with Christi Jim, Bill, Mirta and Barb on our day off. We went to Fort Lauderdale for lunch. After that, went back to hotel to rest. Our days averaged 12 hours, the longest was 16.


Jim , Mirta and Tom at dinner Dawn, Barb and Christi


Barb, Mirta, Ken, Barbara, Jim & Dawn Billie and Ron with Tom


Tom, Margaret and Scott Dennis, Ken, Shirley and Bill


Half the group for dinner Juan, Kent and Barb


Barbara, Dawn and Jim Mirta, what a go getter!


Fun Ken eating a raw oyster


Dennis sucks them off of the shell Scott eating the crab shell and ALL

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