Hurricane Katrina
Sept. 2005
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Sonja, a newly trained ERV driver wrote the explanation for this picture.

"ERVing the bear is an idea that I borrowed from my son.

Sgt. David Alan Ruhren was in Iraq with the 276th Engineer Battalion. While there he had a GI Joe that I sent to him on his 20th birthday. He took this GI Joe with him on all his missions. GI Joe would sit in the humvee on all of the unit's missions. I lost my son in the Mosul Mess Hall bombing on Dec 21, 2004. My son's unit still had one more mission to go on, so the soldiers went back to my son's room & took GI Joe out with them on their final mission. When they came back to the States, they personally brought GI Joe to my house.

We as ERV drivers also go out on missions; maybe not as dangerous as our soldiers but there are times that we see things that you will remember for the rest of your life. I found this bear in a box of toys in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He needed a home so I thought this bear could help us as well. When we are out on missions & we see something or someone that brings a tear to our eyes, we can look back at ERVing with his furry little ears & big brown eyes & for a moment, he can put a smile on our faces & help us to remember that, what we are doing is one of the most unselfish things that we as American Citizens can do for one another. The act of giving, our time, our comfort and our compassion will help the people of this wonderful area recover from the devastation of hurricane Katrina.

ERVing the Bear will go on a mission everyday with a new ERV crew. The crew will write in his journal the days events, so that someday, if we see him again, his journal will tell where he has been and what he has seen. After each mission, he will go home with the last ERV driver. Next mission, bring him back, he'll go out again & again and be passed on from one ERV driver to another every day. Last time I saw ERVing, he was in Gulfport, Mississippi. He has a backpack on him with a pen and his journal in it. He now has a Red Cross patch & some New Orleans beads. He also carries a dog tag that I had blessed by a Catholic Priest that I met in Gulfport. That dog tag has the face of my son on it, so now my son is with ERVing as well. So when you are on your missions, keep an eye out for ERVing. When you do see him, "tell him his Mom loves him"".
Sonja - - - you can get a message to Sonja by emailing me at


We had fun Doc


Dale of Pat & Dale Doc and the radio guy.


Ken and Doc Ken & Adam


If someone took an ERV home, Please return to Virginia. Just north of Hattiesburg was a small town


Cambros, anybody for pulled pork Spanish moss above the ERV


Jim loading tight fit.


The Thumbbuster to secure pulled pork Ken


Loading at the Church "We got ourselves a convoy"


"Dave - he edits books and articles - way above my intellect. Great sense of humor!" Dr. Alley, making house calls.

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