Hurricane Katrina
Sept. 2005
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Michelle in front of her bunk at what many of us considered our "5 Star Hotel". The first several nights, we had no power and it was 85 degrees inside. After the power came back, the Red Cross paid to fix the A. C. and it was wonderful after that.
"Except for the snoring"
14 women (5 women's showers)
16 men (1 men's shower)


The outside of our quarters. Welcome to Jurrasic Park Sonja, doing her morning aerobics.


Paul & Dottie discussing shower arrangements Jose, Sonja and Paul. The 3 amigos


Red Cross HQ under flag at half mast. Tim called this the Southern Mississippi "Blame Trust"


HQ in Montgomery. In-processing for Katrina


Mike's first field trip, he didn't get out much prior to this. Dale & Danny


Dale, Dale and a progressive Red Crosser Michelle - Reflections


Board members cooking before appreciation barbecue The appreciation barbecue was held in the Gazebo in front our quarters


SallieAnn on live TV giveing an interview. We accused her of tryinng out for the American Idol. Donald Trump also has his eye on her as a possible PR person. 2 board members and Babs the Chapter Executive for Hattiesburg area. Babs was 122 days from retirement when Katrina hit.
She was calm cool and collected through it all. I'll work for her anytime.

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