Hurricane Katrina
Sept. 2005
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This is most of the ERV crews at the loading dock in an old K-Mart in Hattiesburg.
Jim Edwards and his Staff!


Full time Red Crossers, Hunter and Robin used the manpower offered by National and kept us busy feeding the masses. We worked an average of 13 hour days. More of the appreciation dinner.


Laura and Jose from Spain This Red Crosser crying as she was working guarding supplies at a shelter in Hattiesburg. A very tough, rude and persistant client gave her a tough time. After 10 minutes, she made the client happy and even she had a smile for us.


500 people were staying in the Multi-Purpose Building, the building was normally a Bull Ring and it seats about 3,000 people. Most slept above the seats on a flat area but many slept on the dirt. A few even set up tents for privacy. This is the Client Service Center in New Augusta, Miss. 5 of these centers in the Hattiesburg area interviewed clients regarding their immediate needs of food, clothing and shelter.


Early in the mission, Danny and I took 14,400 meals to a shelter in Picayune, Miss. On the way, 3 miles north of Gulfport, Miss. the high water mark was 13 feet above the interstate. From the interstate, we were looking at the roofs of many homes and businesses. A home stood here!


Fearsome foursome Danny, Arlene and a David (mental health) prior to loading. Many units had Mental Health workers to console the clients.


When 30 people sleep in the same room 3' between bunks, it makes you appreciate your home. Tim, standing under a green sign Farve Road, named after Green Bay's Quarterback


Proud to be Americans Mike, Dave, Vida, Steve and SallyAnn


Someone had donated hardgoods and we used them at the shelters. We normally don't accept supplies but the needs were different during Katrina relief efforts. HQ

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