Hurricane Katrina
Sept. 2005
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3 of the Baptist workers and Michelle and I. We served their hot meals and explained how to get help to each of our clients. Later that day, we served 200 meals door to door to people that had not had power for 3 weeks. Many of our clients became good at what they called "camping out in their homes"






Tim with a ruined Corvette Steeple of a church sitting where the Church was prior to Katrina


Our quarters  

Bill and ? Steve and a local Volunteer (great guy!)

SallyAnn and Kathy Tim, Kathy and Ann

Paul, Tim, Steve and Bill (all trouble except Steve, he went to bed early amongst the commotion every night, whipped) Arlene, and her backpack. She missed her hubby.

Tim, Bev (from Ohi'a), Kathy, Ann, her hubby Tommy, and Steve Kim and her Dad.
Red Crossers if i ever met one!


Tim, Sonja, Arlene and Jim "Hey group"
Tim professed to be the house Doctor. He says he got his degree from a
6 week internet course. When he got his diploma, he invited 60 family
members over for a graduation party. Wow, is he credible?

Thanks to all of my 4,000 fellow volunteers for making my stay fun. And thanks
to the clients for their open minds and hearts. Because of you volunteers,
the dollars spent by the Red Cross multiply many times over. This was my 12th
mission and probably the best e'sprit de corps. God Bless you all!

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