Iowa Flood June, 2008  Red Cross Relief Mission


Note the stacked trash against the bridge at the high water mark.   This bridge held!


Typical home.  One of over 2,000 flooded.


this home came to rest on the shore



This railroad bridge didn't hold. Note the train.


Our warehouse had tons of goods ready to distribute.


The distribution crew, we had 2 ERVs (Red Cross Trucks) and 3 other vans to deliver the goods door to door to the affected homes.


ERV crew loading.


Miss loaded but it works.


Day of the flood - Red Cross had not arrived yet.  We always wait until the bulk
of the water is receded prior to being deployed into an area.


Farm damage


Railroad bridge after breaking away


These houses were washed away by the river and stopped by this bridge.


Farm damage


This building was on an island in the middle of the river before the flood


same river

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