Iowa Floods of June, 2008


We found that these people were not after entitlements.  They picked themselves up by the bootstraps then helped their neighbors.


Neat FEMA piles awaiting pickup.


At the curb


Many of the homeowners we approached declined our goods at first but then when they looked inside our truck, they realized that we had many of the tools and supplies they needed to safely recover.  Gloves, bleach, masks, shovels, and Red Cross clean up kits.


A threat to bottom dwellers.


Wow - We saw many sad cases. One client deeply effected me. 
Coming home from all of our missions, we are debriefed for possible
mental health issues by a Red Cross mental health worker.


more toys .


Looks like a junk yard but they are matchbox cars


Typical Iowa family attitude


Our crew, and I mean one heck of a Crew;       Jim, Art and John

The End
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