Twenty Six and Still Single
Feb 9, 2000


Do you like my teeth, they cost $3,000 Still in the womb


Ochoo! This is a staged pix, the first was taken when they were 2, I don't have a scanner or I would show you the old one, it is probably in black and white.


Megan's hair caught fire before they could blow out the candles Molly must have said something really Profound!


Megan happy because she got a promotion at work. A larger broom. I wish I had a better flash to make the pictures lighter


Self picture of the "D". If he took it, he must have wanted it published for the world to see! Ellie asleep again


Jimba & Marba Derek & Megan


Tim & Molly Mandy cutting the clown cake


Megan reads her card Gifts


Megan eats her cake My new tea set. Jack Weimer broke the others


Mandy & Rob Ellie and her surrogate father (Does he look like a puppydog or what?)


Megan Same gifts, open


Bracelets Sweaters

If you want any of these pictures for a screen saver or to print, just E-mail me and I will
send you a high density picture that will look great blown up!

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