Amanda & Rob

Short Movie of Kids in Hospital Max's file was too big

New House  -  May 01

Amandy & Rob's Wedding (Mandy's family)

Amanda & Rob's Rehearsal Dinner

Robbie's Bachelor Party

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Dah, asdf..jkl; If I wasn't so close to these flowers, they would smell good!

Glued togather by puppy love! Sheese, poop, take the darn picture so we can go see Meet Joe Black!

Future vice president of Frito Laid. Mandy with an attitude. It even effects the camera.

This is Megan's attack dog. Inky! or Ellie or Blackie or Jet or Ebony or Cloudy or Pitch or Tar or Coal or Night or Shadow or whatever! What a lopsided couple!


Jimba, Steve, Robbie (the groom) and Dennis the slugger (Rob's bro-in-law)  


Robbie & Mandy diligently preparing the wedding invitations  


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