Derek Tibbits graduation Kent State University
Dec. 19, 1999


Megan, getting off the bus in front of the Kent State Auditorium If you look reeeaaaaal close


This fellow got a Doctorate in Derek's field of study. I saw him in the hall and asked him if he knew Derek and he smiled widely and said. "My friend Derek!" Thats him, last row. He turned and posed for an award winning picture


This is him just before grabbing his diploma and just after a real bad night! And thats my mom, Patty in the third row of the balcony behind me


He got a hug from the Dean that handed out diplomas. Nobody else did He's in here somewhere


He waved at his parents as he walked down the aisle We met by the stage


Jim & Mary meet Bud & Patty, Derek's parents. Brother David & his wife Kristin are on the left. After the graduation


Lunch at Sheration Suites, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. You can't even tell a button is missing from his shirt, can you? Kristin & David


Bud & Patty David still has a smile on his face from being on the Seadoo at Bay Point allll day. You can barely see Megan & Derek in the reflection


Derek, "the MAN" & Megan Mary & Jimba (Molly named me that when she was 11)


Aaaaah! The proudest parents Megan at the computer (just threw this in!)
"The End"

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