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Wow, Lookie what I got!


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One picture just doesn't do it!


Take a picture of me. Please! If it isn't cute enough, do it again.


I'm a computer nerd And I'm Megan
Watch my fingers, I'm gonna get that healthy food The Surgeon General has said that Pomeranians are a hazard to the auditory sensors
She still hasn't eaten her sandwich Nice teeth! But what is that small speck 'tween the bottom ones
Hi, I'm Daryl and this is my sister Daryl Megan, Ellie and the Himba
This is how you count, Ellie Megan cheating in the Kitchen
she settled for cereal SUPER DOG


Megan & her killer dog, Ellie Bubba, has Megan trained


Lousey ballet pose, Jeannie taught you better! How sweet!
the end


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