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George, astounded by the size of his dinner bill! Carolyn
Joanie & Harry On my computer, there are color gradients behind Jay's head, there are 13,000 bites in this pix, if you want, I will E-Mail you a high quality image (90,000 bites) of any picture you want. Come to think of it, that may just be a halo behind Jay. OOps, I just noticed one behind Harry's head on the left, no way is it a halo!
Sarita Kathy and Dana (drink much wine?)
Ann & Steve Pat, Dick & our honcho
Dick, Don & Rick Pat, Dick, & Jan again
Pat, and my fingers are tired We did have a good time
Kathy, she wears the pants in Memphis, she is paying Old poofters in the hall
My timing was off Don & Harold
Am I leaning or are they? Kathy, caught ya
Dana running to the bathroom Dah
Still lovers This was our guide, he did a great job showing us around Laughlin and he was fun
Pat, that's only 7-up Thats not 7-up
Harold & Dan & war stories I can't quip this pix, it needs no explanation
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