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Suzanne & Yancy We are back at the dock now about to buy the luminous pink Stars and Thanks again Elaine for buying me the alternating red Bull Horns
Ya'll, as Carolyn & Sarita would say again
We'all as I would say Suzanne, a picture of a lady
Looking down at the girls on the right Oops, there's Elaine again. She is quick
Now for the Alamo Banditos waiting for trouble
Don Harris with the sun in his eyes Last pix before "the Interuption"
"The interuption!" - Jan got all caught up in his troubles, she felt sorry for him. George, trying to control 16 women with cameras. Good Luck
Gaggle Ok, line up girls
That's better That's great
We were not! And I mean not!! Allowed to take a picture next to the front door of the Alamo. The guard saw Yancy's camera stand and said he thought the picture would be used for professional purposes. He said we had to go stand on the sidewalk 50 yards from the door. Oh, yeah, as we were leaving, he said we could take a picture with Yancy's camera if Yancy hand held it. Dah, what's the difference?
Yancy did set up 55 yards from the Alamo door Left hands to the left
Right hands to the right (Jan & Johnnie just can't get into this) Dick, sneaking a pix of the Alamo
Jim & Mary Jimba - my blood pressure is starting to go back to normal. It was all Poncho Villa's fault
You are getting Closer!

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