Class of 70-02 Class Reunion - Oct. 11, 99 TABBOOMAS Contact us at: 2129Wittenberg NE
Louisville, Ohio 44641
Telephone:330-875-1595 or 800-EKG-1595
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Jay, Elaine & Yancy Barbara McKee (Surprise)
Pat & Mary looking at the 70-02 yearbook Note the nametags, we did it right!
Yancy, Rick, Kathy, Jan & Steve Thanks again to Steve for organizing this gaggle and following up with it all
Fish eye's view of what poor Pat puts up with on a daily basis Barb, Tom, and you can just barely see the handlebar of Don McKee's 'stash
Joanie, Ann, Dana, & Mary Don, George & Don
George, Don & Jay with those pesky little mouthpieces that we found in the disco Elaine, George & Pat
Mary & Jim Again
Jay & Mark Gwillim Steve & Rick working on the great meatballs he ordered, they saved us all from going to dinner.
The Gyreens, Comey & McKee Dick & Jim with their new purchases
Yancy, Jan, Rick, Tom & Mary George Cox in Vermont with proof that the TABBOOMAS name lives on. Sorry about the focus, I just held it up and shot the stupid thing.
Another futal attempt, note the fingers! Lousey pix should have trashed it but it is too late, I have already gone to press.
Breakfast in the Crockett Hotel Barb
The 3 hour trip to Del Rio Mark, Don & Harry
Rick is showing us what he used to pay for his room, (just kidding!) Empty (MT)
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