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Where in Hell is Del Rio? then answer is: "Right in the middle!" Yancy & the General
Note the old water level was 37 feet below its max, (visable at Mary's neck level) Years ago Mexico diverted mucho agua for irrigation so we will never see the high waters again. Laughlin Marina complex. 60 acres for military personnel use only.
Floating docks, good docks because they still floated after we all got on Jim and his wanna-be Pilot
Our bus driver Eldridge, Cool guy. Ransdel's Love nest, but there wasn't a female within 150 miles
Back yard of the nest General Harold A. Cross's first home. Congress will soon declare this home a part of the Historic National Park System.
Just to the left of Cross's was the Edwards' residence Back view of the Rick's Apartments - I saw a tear in Sarita's eye (She was thinking of the maguarita parties)
Rick's other view Dan at Rick's (as you can see, we didn't have time to get out and reminisce)
Good pix of Rick's sign (digital film is free) Jeff & Charis
Rick's furniture, we still use the Thomasville B'room suite we bought there Laughlin AFB - Main Gate
Again Sign announcing the arrival of the Class of 70-02, & its most notorius member, MAJOR GENERAL HAROLD A. CROSS (just kidding Harold)
Old plane near the gate Lt. Col. Hi-Ho Silver gave us an inbriefing in the new auditorium
View of the flight line to the north east. T-1's were in the foreground and the T-38s are too small to see View to the south of the T-37 trainers
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