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On Sept. 13th looking west, enough said


This picture was taken by a photographer in Brooklyn at about 9:30 on Sept 11.  Same shot 2 days later. There has to be some good come from this, however, for now all we can see is evil.


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From Manhatten to Brooklyn! Taken from the top of the World Trade Center south tower in August of 2001. Note the green steeple in Manhatten is also visable in the 2 pictures just above.


We set up here feeding NYC firemen & rescue workers. They would walk past and Mary &  Roxana would hand them water  and fresh fruit. Same picture zoomed in!


This is the church that was just east of the WTC, no damage except the dust. Lots & lots of dust. Same


On Sunday it rained and  washed away the dust. Real messy for one day then New York looked great. Except for the WTC. The black building in front is building #4. It was burned out completely.


PS 234 on day 6 the 6 foot fence was still not set up yet around Ground Zero. We got our 10th day off. Would you ride on this taxi? We saw it at the Harley Davidson restaurant on 56 & 6th Avenue.


In Greenwich Village on Washington Square is an arch, the fence around the arch was a temporary Memorial Wall with thousands of burnt candles at the base of the fence. Pictures & descriptions of many of the victims of the crashes were on the wall. This upset me deeply because I was then able to put a face to the victims.


This picture of the WTC was hanging on the fence. It was taken from Greenwich Village 300 yards away, we saw the Empire State Building, now the tallest building in NYC.

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