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This 6'6" dude on times square called himself the "Nude Cowboy". He let any lady take her picture with him in his underwear. There was a line10 deep & that proves that NYC is back to normal :-) At 42nd & Sixth Ave. and on a subway entrance, we saw these 2 posters Saying  "Massillon, Ohio Where they live, breath & eat football" Why did we find this in NYC?


Pix of the Marble Collegiate Church on 5th Avenue. Mary & I saw Norman Vincent Peale preach here in 1983 on our honeymoon. Roxana,  rode shotgun and kept us out of trouble for the first 6 days in New York City. Give her a map and stand back! She can run real fast when a section of the WTC has fallen, almost as fast as Mary.


Pix of Primary School 234, just north of the WTC. This is where Mary & I set up the feeding station. We fed 1,100 meals for breakfast and 1,250 for lunch, then another crew came in and served the dinner. Kathryn & Mark and Jimba at Rain, a Thai restaurant on our last night in NYC.


Three of our hardest workers, Brian, Kathryn & Cheryl. The 2 girls had met in our kitchen and both Mary & I thought they were best friends. Now they are! Brian is - Wow! In 24 hours, he called his clients and they promised him $215,000 so the rescue workers could have ice for their beverages. A day later he had paid $115,000 to the local ice companies.(bills are still coming in)   All of the money was from foreign countries. This demonstrates the attitude of the rest of the world when it comes to terrorism.


Our ride home. Mary was a little skittish regarding flying home. She says she would fly now. Tom, Judy, Mary, Jimba, Ginny & Dale


Our neighbors had put a sign on our garage Hand painted - Wow

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