Trip to Holy Land, April 2008
Ashland Grace Brethren & Wooster Grace Brethren Churches
Our leader and teacher - Pastor Bob Fetterhoff

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Wooster and Ashland Grace Brethren Tour group.

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Key Word Place Visited Pages
  Cairo City 2
Protection Old Egypt Church 1
  Pyramids, Sphynx 4
Faith We followed Moses route to promise
land across the Egyptian desert
  Boat ride across the Red Sea (Gulf of Aqaba) 3
Obedience thru the Land of the Edomites (southern Jordan) 2
  Historical Petra: (The Red Rose City) 8
  Madaba (oldest map of Holy Land) 1
Magnification Site of Jesus's baptism by "John the Baptist" 1
Obedience Mt. Nebo 4
  Hot Springs Spa 4
Authority Qumran 1
  Masada 4
  Swimming in Dead Sea 3
Thirst En Gedi 3
  Old Jerrico (oldest city on earth) 1
  Baptised 10 of our group in Gideon springs 4
  Roman Ruins of Beth Shean 2
  Hotel on Sea of Galilee 1
? Beatitudes 1
Conversion Ceasaria Phillipi - Banyas 3
Faith, Hope and Love Sea of Gallilee 2
? Rock where Jesus fed fishes 1
  Capharnaum 2
  Nazereth - Mary's well 2
Victory Megiddo 2
  Mt Carmel 1
Humility Caeseria by the Sea 2
  Wailing wall 2
  Dome of the Rock 1 1
  Temple Mount & Holy of Holies 1
  Dome of the Rock 2 1
  Holocaust Museum Children & Adult 1
  Israel Museum - Model of Old Jerusalem 1
  Bethlehem - Kando's Store - Qumran Jar 1
  Bethlehem - Church of Nativity 2
Incarnation Shepards Field 1
Passion, Prophecy & Garden Tomb - We took Communion 2
  Shopping Jaffa Gate 2
  Top of Mt. of Olives 1
  Garden of Gesthemne 1
Grace Walked the Via DelaRosa 1
  The trip home 1
Circa 2000 BC Abraham lived
Circa 1500 BC Moses lived
Circa 1000 BC David lived
Circa 500 BC Danial lived (586 BC)

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