Kando's Antiquities
This is the grandson of the antiquities dealer that bought the Dead Sea
Scrolls from the shepherd's father in Qumran.


This is the jar broken by a shepherd's stone.


Kando is the leading antiquities dealer in all of Israel. He wanted $5,000 for the
guilded coin he showed all of us, but he said he would sell it now for $3,600.


All of his antiques are authentic, very expensive.


Now just look at that manger scene. The shepherd needs a staff and cloak.  


Just outside Kando's front door is the wall that currently separates Israel from the West Bank. Nabil, our tour guide works in Israel but lives in the West Bank.  He has an extremely hard time getting thru customs to go to work.


From the door of Kando's, these are the messages. The local
people of both sides are not happy with the wall.


Dick took this other pix of the wall near a checkpoint
between Israel and the West Bank.

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