Masada 1
In about 20 AD, Herod the Great of Jerusalem was not liked by his Jewish subjects.
He built a summer retreat (fortress) on top of this mountain to protect himself from his people. It is not proven that he ever lived here. - - - In 70 AD, when the Romans
raided Jerusalem, burned the city and threw out all of the Jews. About 1,000
Jews fled to this fortress with provisions to live for a long time. 15,000
Romans came after them, could not break down the walls and put them under seige
for 3 years. When they finally broke through the walls, they found 970 people has committed mass suicide rather than be taken as slaves. There
were 5 children and 2 women that survived.


Walkway from cable car to top.



Overlooking the Dead Sea.


Parts of walls were buried for centuries.


This building was reconstructed.


These walls were reassembled. Not the area on the left


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