Qumran 1

"Authentication" - The findings at this site prove that the Old Testement
Bible has not changed over time as many skeptics have claimed.
The King James version of the Bible was written in 1,500 AD, based on
papyrus scrolls that were made in about 1,000 AD. The scrolls found
at Qumran were made in 100 BC and itentical to a "T" to the scrolls
the King James version were based on 1100 years later. If the scrolls
were not perfectly copied, the whole book was thrown out.


This was the village of Qumran, 200 Essene monks lived here 100 years before Christ.
They were the scribes that copied the books of the Old Testement and hid them
in huge ceramic jars and put them in the caves in the hills near Qumran.


A shepherd was missing a sheep so he threw a rock into cave # 4 to scare the sheep
out. He heard a strange clink and knew it was something unnatural. He brought
his father back and searched the cave, found this 3' high broken vase
containing the scrolls.The scrolls were sold to an  antiquities dealer in
Jerusalem named Kando. Mr. Kando researched the scrolls, found
they were legitimate and asked for more. The sheherd and
his father found all but 4 books of the Old Testement had
been copied by the Essenes. Some may still be buried in
a cave in the hills. Later on the trip, in Bethlehem, we
visited the Kando Antiquities store and saw
this,the first vase ever found.   


This is cave #4 where the shepherd threw the rock in 1957.


Notice the caves in the hills of Qumran.


Ruins where the monks lived.



Water storage. We were 300 yards from the Dead Sea but
it is devoid of life and too salty to drink. Awesome site!

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