Wailing Wall 1
Energetic in the morning


Zonked in the evening.


For 11 nights, our group ate at our hotel's smorgasbord. This was just the fruit table in our Jerusalem hotel. We also had a table for salads, entree's, breads, fruits and desserts. If anybody went hungary, it was their own fault.


To the left of the church in the foreground, is the Garden of Gesthemne.


A Jewish cemetery.


The walls of old Jerusalem.


This is to the right of the wailing wall.


The Wailing Wall - Note the people praying at the foot of
the wall. The men were on the left and the women were on
the right of the visable brown wall in the center.


Don's picture of men praying.


Bill's picture of Hadassic Jews at the Wailing Wall.

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