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Pam & Dennis Visit

Pix of Lake, October 2000

Easter Party 2001

Tom & Judy before a round of golf


The Best sister-in-law in the world!


Tom, Judy, Mom & Dad (I am leaning to get into the center of the picture!) Dad & Mom (note the PDA)


You'll note the Accountant's Boat - 25 Feet. Now note the tonnage difference in the boat owned by the Insurance Agent - 39 Feet.


Kay & sister Judy on the porch at the lake. If I remember back, that is what was refered to as a PDA (public display of affection) and that was a No-No. Tisk - Tisk


Mom as a model Jeff, Laurie, Michael, Becky, Mom & Dad


T-Bone, Laura, Kasey & Bridgette Jill, Brian and Jaret


First game, bunch'a hits, bunch'a runs, gonna be a real jock Becky on the cheap swing set, it has only lasted 3 generations!


Kasey is always smiling mt


2001 Bridgette, bad hair day 2003 Bridgette, older, another bad hair day



Jaret with a spaghetti face The whole enchelada! (less the stirpes)


Tom & Judy in front of their back 40 "Good Looking Spouses"
(The Webmaster of this page was prompted to title this picture, can you tell?)


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Our 25 foot fishing boat. A Pursuit built by Tiara


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