New Orleans Cleanup & UCC Volunteers
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Beecher Church is located in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. They had 4 feet of water throughout. They had 100 members before the storm and 20 have returned, they will have their first post Katrina church service soon.


  We were only able to save the instruments for the jazz band that played every service.


The pews are gone We protected ourselves from mold as best we could


In one day, 40 of us emptied all
the goods and took out 2/3 of the
drywall and insulation
The back of the Sanctuary


This Bible was on the lecturn.
The pastors desk was wooden and it floated, the desk landed horizontal and the pre-Katrina mail was still stacked neatly on the desk, ready for the
pastor to read. I gave it to the parishioner that was leading us.


The church had no water or electricity so we had to drive a quarter mile to use these community toilets. The area is still off limits at night.

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