New Orleans Cleanup & UCC Volunteers
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At night we stayed at the Good Shepard UCC in Metarie, about 8 miles NW of downtown New Orleans. They had about 6 inches of water throughout. They were locked out for 3 weeks and the mold and water damage was so bad, they had to gut the sanctuary up to about 4 feet. They also lost their pews. This was the group from Syracuse N.Y. and 2 lonely guys from Ohio. UCC National has hired Alan Coe, (back row, centered on door) a pastor from near San Antonio, Texas to run the New Orleans relief effort. He quit his Church in Texas to take the job as disaster chairman of New Orleans for the UCC.. He finds the jobs and follows up well. He is the heart of it all!


Front of Good Shepard Church This is the only pix I have of the Massachusetts group that we lived with for 4 days. If they will get me more, I will post them.


UCC National Synod bought the effort alot of tools, including wheelbarrows, ladders, hammers, prybars and the like. When we could, we helped them build this shed.  


Gymnasium, linoleum removed  


Our sleeping quarters, note the new drywall. The white studs and floors had been treated for mold and rot.

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