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Wow, there were 9 of these huge crude oil storage tanks before the storm. A full one collapsed. The crude was an inch think on top of the water as it raised in the St. Bernard's Parish. Just add crude oil to the wind, water and mold damage. 10,000 homes were up to the roof. My opinion: "this area will be the last to come back". School system had 20,000 students. Today, only 500 are attending a
makeshift school.
Carol, our fantastic tour guide. She knew where the worst damage was. Her home was also flooded.


  7' of water in this house




On our way home, we stopped in Natchez, Miss. to tour the estates. In 1820, it was the wealthiest city in the US.


"What comes around, goes around!"

In New Orleans alone, there were 217,000 homes flooded. And, to make it worse, 18,000 businesses flooded giving the residents no where to work even if they do return.

Having been there, I can see that New Orleans will be back,
and so will we, will you be with us?
My tele # is 800-354-1595 or 330-875-1595


Addendum: The blue van that I took to New Orleans was in an accident on Jan 23. They totaled it after a young man pulled out in front of me. I was going 60 mph on 62 when he hit me.
He admits fault!
I was not injured at all, and neither was the young man that hit me. "All's well that ends well!"

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